David Rossi

David Rossi born in Fiesole, and graduated in Architecture in Florence.
Soon he worked in the retail sector and the design of concept stores, and in 2006 he opened his own interior and industrial design office in Barberino di Mugello, previously there was a nineteenth century barn in the countryside with an attached carpentry workshop and work.
The studio offers various services from the field of architectural design to design, or the image coordinate comunication. David Rossi Design works on design and implementation of flagship and concept stores, headquarters showrooms, exibition and commercial areas.
In addition, for some years, is on the productive department in David Rossi Workshop, wich produces “exclusive pieces” placed in stores or in the showrooms. Articles such as large sculptures in steel and iron, bronze castings, accessories functional exposure of the product as hooks and hangers personalized with a strong craftmanship.
Since 2005 he covers the place of art director, as architecture, for RIFLE and SUPER RIFLE, historical Italian jeanswear brand, for wich he created the various “concept” and designed all shops, showrooms and stands for exibitions in Italy and Europe.